Dimensions of the Strelka 3 greenhouse

Width - 3m.

Height - 2.4 m.

Length - 2m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m. ...

The maximum snow load of 360 kg / m²

Prices from $177

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Greenhouse frame kit pricing

2 m. - $209

4 m. - $299

6 m. - $389

8 m. - $479
Polycarbonate cost is not included in pricing

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The Strelka-3 garden greenhouse is a modification of the Strelka greenhouse. It is made of the same wide galvanized steel profile and has the same frame structure with amplifiers of arcs. It differs from the basic model only by the width, height and maximum snow load. It is 40 centimeters wider, which allows you to set three beds each 70 cm wide and make two paths each 45 cm wide. The central bed is two meters shorter, so as not to interfere with the free entry and exit through the doors located at the ends of the greenhouse. The height of Strelka-3 is 10 centimeters smaller and is equal to 2.4 meters. The maximum snow load which it stands is 360 kg. per square meter. It is 90 kg less than that of the basic model, but it is still a lot, about 1.2 meters of medium density snow, so you should not worry that Strelka-3 may be crushed in winter; besides, snow perfectly falls dawn from its roof. Strelka-3 is delivered unassembled. The kit includes all the necessary fasteners for the assembly and mounting into the ground. The frame base (2 meters) weighs 66 kg. The base consists of six packages, including a can with fasteners and a package with rubber seals. A two-meter block weighs 31.9 kg. A block consists of four packages. Unassambled Strelka-3 can be transported on a car. The biggest package size is 30*20*130 cm. Each package weighs about 10-15 kg. In the opinion of our cusromers in Russia, this is the best greenhouse model of 2014. There have been no complaints; the only shortcoming is the high price compared to other models.
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